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Become a subcontractor for electrician work in large construction projects

Find projects for self-employed electricians with LETUSWORK europe

LETUSWORK europe is a community of self-employed electricians and small to medium-sized electrical companies. We mediate electrical orders to our craftsman partners as subcontractors for large construction projects in Germany and Europe.

Your advantage: You concentrate on your work in the electrical trade, we take care of the rest!

Joint forces - Your benefits

With LETUSWORK europe you can find your next electrician job quickly and easily! You do your trade and we

take care of the orders:
LETUSWORK europe procures the orders, represents your interests in contract negotiations, mediates the partners in the working groups and organizes the construction processes. In addition, we take care of the invoicing and clarify the warranty conditions.

procure your money on time:
LETUSWORK europe takes care of the smooth payment. As a self-employed electrician in the LETUSWORK craftsmen's community, you will receive the money you earned reliably and punctually transferred to your account.

ensure a good working atmosphere:
LETUSWORK europe provides a craftsmen's community where working is fun. Our working communities are characterised by cooperation and helpfulness, because we are proud to build something great together!


Each of our craftsmen working groups (ARGE) has a contract with the customer. The contracts are negotiated, checked and monitored by LETUSWORK europe on your behalf, from organisation to invoicing and clarification of warranty. In return LETUSWORK europe receives 18% of the revenues. The remaining part goes entirely to the self-employed electricians and craftsmen in the ARGE.

Transparency is our principle - no hidden payments, no advance payments to us by the craftsmen. By contract, discounts on your turnover are agreed upon every 14 or 30 days.


Be part of it

LETUSWORK europe brings together what belongs together: the skills of self-employed electricians and the orders on large construction sites. For each order we put together a new team. You can be there!


We offer independent electricians

  • security
  • prompt payment
  • long-term occupancy


We will be happy to answer them!

Colleague Katja

Katja Schulz

Contact person for interested persons from Germany

Employee Lenka LET US WORK

Lenka Viltova

Contact person for interested persons from Czech Republic / Slovakia

Colleague Magda

Magdalena Stasiulewicz

Contact person for interested persons from Poland


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If you’d like to work on our projects and you are a self-employed tradesperson in the electrical industry or you supply cable installation services, then get in touch with us today by filling in the following online form.

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