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LETUSWORK europe – projects

TEAM BUILDING – LETUSWORK europe offers contracts within Germany and Europe to freelance tradespeople in the electrical industry.
View our current and upcoming projects here:

Exhibition Center Berlin

Exhibition Center Berlin
© by LETUSWORK europe
  • Electrical installations
  • Installation fire alarm systems
  • Documentation
  • Team size: 4 electrical partners
  • Start time: 04.02.2019
  • Duration: about 5 weeks
  • Entry: possible at any time

Holiday Inn Hamburg

Holiday Inn Hamburg
© by LETUSWORK europe
  • electrical and safety engineering
  • Cable routing assembly, luminaire assembly, fine installation 
  • Documentation
  • Team size: about 10 electrical partners
  • Start time: December 2018
  • Duration: approx. 1 Year
  • Entry: possible at any time


© Photo by JC Bonassin on Unsplash
  • Electrical installations
  • Cable routing assembly
  • Fire alarm system components
  • Documentation
  • Team size: 7 electrical partners
  • Start time: 06/11/2017
  • Duration: about until mid-2019
  • Entry: possible at any time

Vorwerk Wuppertal

Vorwerk Wuppertal
© by LETUSWORK europe
  • Connection work on subdistribution (introduction of the cables into the distribution and setting down of cables, labeling)
  • Insulation measurements at the subdistributions
  • documentation
  • Team size: 20 electrical partners
  • Start time: 21.01.2019
  • Duration: approx. 2 months
  • Entry: possible at any time

Optima Center Berlin-Charlottenburg (OCC)

Image of the Optima Center Berlin-Charlottenburg (OCC)
© by LETUSWORK europe
  • Low voltage/low current cable routing
  • Device and component assembly
  • Assembly and wiring of sub-distribution panels
  • Assembly and wiring of low voltage main distribution panel
  • Documentation
  • Team size: 20 electrical partners
  • Start time: 03/04/2018
  • Duration: approx. 1 year
  • Entry: possible at any time

Gesundheitscampus Bochum (Bochum Health Campus)

Image Health Campus Bochum
© by LETUSWORK europe
  • Low voltage/data cable routing
  • Cable duct assembly
  • Fine assembly
  • Team size: 30 electrical partners
  • Start time: 05/02/2018
  • Duration: approx. 1 year
  • Entry: possible at any time

Past projects

Have a look at some of the projects we’ve already completed.


© ASTOC Architects and Planners

Accessible. Secure. Sustainable. This was the motto for an innovative office building built on a 12,000 m² lot in the middle of Cologne – the first construction project in the Deutzer Feld area – with a view of Cologne Cathedral. The building stands 7 storeys tall in the front and 5 in the back and features attractive anthracite-coloured hardware and gleaming window frames. On the inside, the Kölncubus dazzles visitors with its white façades, floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious atrium complete with fountains and green spaces. 

The LETUSWORK europe community was entrusted with the electrical installations.

Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim Art Museum)

Image from the Kunsthalle Mannheim
© Photo by Viktor Vasicsek on Unsplash

The museum, located in the Oststadt district of Mannheim, was closed for more than a year, starting in 2017, in order to finish the construction work that had been going on since 2014. After successfully joining the old Art Nouveau structure with the new construction, it was soon possible to allocate the numerous art collections to their new places. Doors were expected to reopen for visitors in June 2018.
To keep everything on schedule, LETUSWORK europe was entrusted with electrical installation services.

Neue Messe Essen

Image of the Neuemesse Essen

Unter dem Motto „In vier Phasen zur Neuen MESSE ESSEN“ fiel im Mai 2016 der Startschuss zum neuen Großprojekt der Stadt. LETUSWORK europe wurde von einem namenhaften Kunden mit der Elektroinstallation betraut und ist mit bis zu 40 Fachkräften im Einsatz.

Den Eingangsbereich Ost kennzeichnet ein 2.000 m² großes Glasfoyer mit einem markanten Vordach. Parallel wurden 2 Hallen abgerissen, um den Grundstein für eine weitere zukünftige Halle zu legen.
In der zweiten Bauphase ab Oktober 2017 wurden auf dem weitläufigem Areal weitere Freiräume für neue Hallen geschaffen und eine Messelounge mit transparentem Look & kommunikativer Atmosphäre sowie ein neues Servicecenter im südlichen Teil dienen nun als Anziehungspunkt für Besucher.

Die von April bis August 2018 neu zu bauenden Hallenbereiche und die modernisierten Bestandshallen werden neueste Klima-, Sanitär- und Beleuchtungsanlagen erhalten.

Mit Beginn der vierten und somit letzten Bauphase ab September 2018 ist das Ziel in Sichtweite. Die Zusammenführung des entstandenen Neubaus und einer Bestandshalle beendet diese Baumaßnahmen. Damit zeigt die neue MESSE ESSEN eine architektonisch überzeugende Linie in direkter Verbindung mit dem benachbarten Grugapark.

Sparkasse Göttingen

Image from the Sparkasse Goettingen
© ahrens & grabenhorst architekten stadtplaner BDA

Sparkasse Göttingen is Germany’s oldest savings bank formed under public law.

2017/2018 saw the construction of a hotel adjoining a new 6-storey administrative building for the bank, all on a 7,400 m² lot in Göttingen. The edifice was fitted with state-of-the-art building technology controlled by a sophisticated system for the electrics and measurement and control technology (MCT). Starting in autumn 2017, LETUSWORK europe provided a 17-member team to carry out the extensive installation work for this well-known customer.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Berlin (German Federal Pension Insurance Berlin)

DRV Berlin Picture
© Photo by Rita Gomes Oliveira on Unsplash

The 107,000 m² office building of the German Federal Pension Insurance Institute was completely rehabilitated and renovated to barrier-free standards starting in 2014. Construction measures included the voice alarm and fire alarm systems installed by LETUSWORK europe as well as other measures related to thermal insulation, energy conservation, façade renovations and repairs.


Airbus cabin
© Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Based on a solid foundation of decades of experience, Premium AEROTEC develops and manufactures state-of-the-art aircraft structures made of aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CRFP) composites for the entire Airbus family at its locations in Augsburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Nordenham, Varel and Braşov (Romania).
The LETUSWORK europe community of tradespeople and businesses carried out the comprehensive replacement of the previous lighting systems in the halls and workshop buildings of several of the plants named above in 2017, swapping them out for modern, energy-saving LED technology.

Colleague Katja

Katja Schulz

Contact person for interested persons from Germany

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Contact person for interested persons from the Czech Republic / Slovakia

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Contact person for interested persons from Poland

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