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Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Need more information? Just use the contact form at the end of the page!

It is based on the size of the construction project. LETUSWORK europe takes care of invoicing. Payments are processed by an independent accountant and a tax adviser. Customers are billed every 14 days. The German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB) stipulate a payment term of 2 to 3 weeks.

No! LETUSWORK europe is just one of the partners you may wish to work with. You are free to work for other clients. Absolute reliability is LETUSWORK europe’s guiding principle. If you decide to work on a LETUSWORK europe project, it must be completed to the client’s satisfaction.

You can focus fully on the construction work. LETUSWORK europe’s administration department takes care of everything else, including acquiring projects, producing estimates, drafting contracts, providing materials, business support, invoicing, account management and bank transfers.

Just bring the portable tools you need to carry out your trade. Any larger equipment, machinery and scaffolding needed for the construction project will be hired by the specific project team.

These will be hired by the project team as needed.

LETUSWORK europe has a team of skilled estimators. If you express interest in one of our building projects, you will receive an estimate and the contract specifications.

Thanks to LETUSWORK europe’s professional payment reminders system, we have not experienced long-term outstanding payments. Up to now, we have had no instances of bad debt. This is due to LETUSWORK europe’s policy of only taking on work from well-known corporate groups and SMEs.

That depends. It is either provided by the client or LETUSWORK europe and the workers arrange it themselves.

They are mainly in Germany and predominantly in the former West German states, but we have some sites in other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

They are mainly in Germany and predominantly in the former West German states, but we have some sites in other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

LETUSWORK europe works as the main contractor almost exclusively for well-known major corporate groups.

The contractual partner is always the team established for the project in question.

By means of the usual contractual holdback from clients, voluntary holdback from the team, costs-by-cause principle, public liability

No! LETUSWORK europe receives its service charge at the same time as its business partners, once project payments start being made.

No! LETUSWORK europe is not an intermediary or an agent. This is something we consider to be very important. LETUSWORK europe is a cooperative community of individual tradespeople and businesses.

Their business is listed in the pool of tradespeople. When a suitable job comes in, they receive a request from LETUSWORK europe. They check whether the job suits their plans. They are then brought into the team.

The LETUSWORK europe community can provide advice and support on all aspects of starting up a business, to tradespeople who wish to become self-employed.

The reason is the law on tax deductions for construction work. If the tradespeople in the team do not present exemption certificates, the client would need to deduct 15% from the invoice amount and pay this to the tax office. Exemption certificates allow this money to be paid to the team.

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