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LETUSWORK europe is a community of trade workers and companies active in the electrical trade. Together, we make working large scale projects a reality. Over 400 trade workers are already working on building sites as part of LETUSWORK europe. Every year, we win bids and jobs on major building sites across Europe.

Current Projects

Bosch Campus in Renningen Bosch Campus in Renningen

Bosch Campus in Renningen

The research campus in Renningen is becoming a new hub in the world of global research and advanced development activities. As of 2015, around 1,200 workers are researching new materials, methods and technologies as well as developing new systems, components and production processes. Taking inspiration from university campuses, 12 of its 14 buildings are spaciously arranged across the first 32 hectares of the property to be developed. The two and three storey laboratory and workshop buildings will be coupled by glass-enclosed bridges and transparent connecting structures. The centrepiece of the new research facility is to be a 60 meters tall main building.

Commissioned by a large German firm, the trade worker's community LETUSWORK europe is carrying out installation of the electronic security, alarm and public address systems.

State Schools Wuppertal State Schools Wuppertal

Bild: Peter Sondermann

State Schools Wuppertal

A new 27,600m² school for tax and prison officials in training is being built in Wuppertal. The six-building group is made up of both lecture rooms and dormitories and is designed to accommodate 360 students for the Landesfinanzschule and 180 from the Justizvollzugsschule.

The buildings, each up to five and a half storeys tall, are connected with each other by two storey crossbeams. A representative, front building is used by both schools as a reception area. This building also contains administration facilities, a bistro as well as a full kitchen and cafeteria serving up to 900 people daily. The gymnasium and sports area contains three playing fields, changing rooms and "training cells" in which future prison officials may learn their trade.

LETUSWORK europe trade worker's community has been commissioned by a renowned German corporate group to carry out electrical system installation.


Enervie in Hagen Enervie in Hagen

Bild: ENERVIE Gruppe, Hagen

Enervie in Hagen

The new ENERVIE Group headquarters, a 45,000 square meter campus located southwest of Hagen, now offers an innovative and architecturally exceptional working environment for 750 employees from technology and company management. As a result of the buildings' sophisticated and sustainable design, in particular the highly innovative technological systems, the company will save €1.4 million on overhead costs annually.
At the same time, alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic systems have been integrated. ENERVIE has shown that it is possible, and also makes economical sense, for projects of this large scale to make ecological factors and principles a key factor during project development.
LETUSWORK europe was commissioned by a renowned company in order to ensure the meeting of deadlines after delays had become apparent. A LETUSWORK team of up to 130 electricians, technicians and engineers worked with all they had to successfully ensure that delays were overcome and that ENERVIE was able to move into their new headquarters on time and as planned.

Cathedral in Hildesheim Cathedral in Hildesheim

Cathedral in Hildesheim

The Hildesheim cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was largely destroyed shortly before the end of World War II. 50 years after its reconstruction, a scheduled renovation was more than necessary. After almost five years of construction, the Hildesheim cathedral was enthusiastically reopened on Friday the 15th of August, 2014 as part of the church's patron saint festivities.

LETUSWORK europe contributed to the renovation by installing the church's electrical systems.