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Would you like to know how LETUSWORK europe works and what's in store for you if you become part of our community? You'll find the answers to the commonly asked questions here.


How does invoicing work at LETUSWORK europe?
The basis is formed by the building site's size. Invoicing is done through LETUSWORK europe. Payment transactions are conducted through an independent financial auditor and tax consultant. Invoices are delivered every 14 days, Payment due dates are between 2 and 3 weeks, as stipulated by German law (VOB)

As a member of LETUSWORK europe, am I allowed to work outside of the LETUSWORK europe community?
Yes! LETUSWORK europe simply becomes an additional, potential partner. You are free to choose and work with other employers. A defining LETUSWORK europe principle is utmost reliability. If you decide to take on a LETUSWORK europe project, then it is to be completed to the contractor's satisfaction.

What is my role and responsibility in LETUSWORK europe projects?
You can focus solely on performing your trade skill. Everything else: acquisition, calculation, contractual preparations, material provision, administrative support, invoicing, accounting, payments, and so on, is taken care of by LETUSWORK europe's organizational office.

Which tools and materials must I provide?
Only the portable, standard tools of the trade. Any larger devices, machines and scaffolding needed for the job are rented by the project work group involved.

Where do these specialist tools come from?
If needed, they are rented by the work group doing the job.

Who does the project calculation?
We have experienced estimators working as part of the LETUSWORK europe community. You will receive their calculations and specifications if you are interested in one of our building sites.

How does LETUSWORK europe deal with outstanding debts and default payments?
Due to the LETUSWORK europe's professional notice and reminder (dunning) procedures, it has rarely come to any considerable payment delays. We have never had a case of total default on payment demands. The main reason for this is that LETUSWORK europe only accepts contracts with respected and renowned firms and companies.

Who organizes housing?
It depends! Housing is either provided by the contractor or LETUSWORK europe and the trade workers take care of this independently.

How does material provision work?
In general, material provision is organized by the LETUSWORK europe community .

Where are the building sites?
Mainly, but not only, in western Germany - we are also active abroad, for instance in the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

Who are the contractors we work with?
LETUSWORK europe works almost exclusively with renowned and respected, large companies acting as general contractors.

Who is the general contractor's contractual partner?
The work group formed for the project is always the contractual partner.

How are guarantees and warranties handled?
Standard security holdbacks by the contractor, voluntary security deposits by the work group, cost-by-cause principles, public liability insurance.

Are there any costs involved in joining the LETUSWORK europe community?
No! LETUSWORK europe first receives their service percentage at the same time that money flows to their business partners as payment for work on the projects.

Is LETUSWORK europe just another job brokerage agency?
No! LETUSWORK europe is not a head-hunter or brokerage agency. This distinction is important to us. LETUSWORK europe is a partnership; a community of individual enterprises.

What happens when trade workers join the community?
Your business or enterprise is listed in the craftsmen and trade worker pool. When a job order is received that meets your trade skills, LETUSWORK europe will inform you that a job is available. You check and decide if the project fits your schedule. At this point you are included in the work group.

Do startup enterprises receive support from LETUSWORK europe?
Trade workers who are going into business for themselves can receive support and consultation from the LETUSWORK europe community for all processes and stages involved in getting started.

Which kinds of insurance do trade workers need?
Public liability insurance

Why is an exemption certificate from the German tax officials (Finanzamt) necessary?
It is necessary due to German building industry withholding tax laws. Without this exemption certificate for the trade workers in the work group, the contractor would need to withhold 15% of the invoice amount and pay it to the German tax officials. When the exemption certificate has been issued, this money can be paid out to the work group.