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LETUSWORK europe is a proud Trade worker's community. We work based on performance, think cooperatively and provide contractors the best trade and specialist services. At fair conditions and a fair price.

LETUSWORK europe History

Torsten Schmidt, Geschäftsführung Torsten Schmidt, Geschäftsführung

Torsten Schmidt, Managing Director
25 years ago, Torsten Schmidt opened his first specialist, electrical-trade enterprise. Well trained specialists and high demand caused by a building boom helped the company to quickly grow to nearly 100 employees. As the boom passed, the high demand fell as well. The company founder stayed true to his employees, but the general economic situation forced Mr Schmidt to re-organize his energies.
During this time Torsten Schmidt had and developed the most important realization of his business life: A complete and total understanding for the situation that freelance trade workers find themselves in as well as their abilities, relationships, worries and troubles.
With these in mind, Torsten Schmidt founded the LETUSWORK europe GmbH. His vision: a trade workers community that offers good work at a fair price! A Handwerker-Gemeinschaft without competitive infighting and envy where everyone is proud of the common goal! A craftsmens Gemeinschaft where everyone can focus on their strengths and qualities: LETUSWORK europe central on organization and administration, the craftsmen on their trade and task at hand.

This mission motivates the LETUSWORK europe Gemeinschaft every day: big jobs for small craftsmen.



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